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Children Embracing in Circle

Helping Your Child Find Joy, Happiness, & Fulfillment

Pebble Beach

Meet Ryan Ploch, LMSW

Hi, my name is Ryan Ploch and I am a professional and licensed children’s therapist.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Oakland University and my master’s degree in Social Work at Michigan State University.  I am married with three children - ages 6, 5, and 2.  As a professional, I have worked with children for over 10 years in different settings - including individual therapy, group therapy, residential treatment programs, and schools.  There is nothing I have more passion for or love more than watching children overcome their past circumstances, trauma, and struggles.  Children are incredibly resilient and strong, but sometimes they need a little help to find their inner fortitude.



Individual Therapy

Children show their emotional and mental distress through their behaviors; whether they are angry and aggressive, or isolated and stay in their room.  As a parent, you likely are looking for support because these behaviors are beginning to concern you.  Individual therapy can help your child at the root of your concerns.  Yes, you see the behavior but the root lies in their emotions and perspectives.  Individual therapy can help your child express their concerns, find new ways to cope, reframe their perspectives, and strengthen their character -ultimately leading to behavior change and your child finding the joy they deserve.


As a parent you are well aware that your child's struggles become your whole family's struggles.  If they are out of control and acting out, you and the family feel it.  If they are upset and hurt, you and the family feel it.  You are the one that loves them the most, but you are also the one that impacts them more than anyone in their life.  Therefore, family therapy is an essential part of the therapeutic process.  You will learn more effective ways to parent your child uniquely based on their struggles, consult with the therapist to monitor progress and develop strategies, and improve your relationship with your child through family discussions.

Group Therapy

During childhood, especially adolescence, your child's peer group becomes a massive and important part of their lives.  They may struggle socially to connect and fit in.  They also may believe they are the only one in their school or community dealing with depression, anxiety, or grief.  Group therapy can bring children with similar difficulties together to learn, grow, and connect.  A group allows your child to share their story to peers their age - helping them to express feelings and realize they are not alone in their fight.  Group therapy is often very effective for children who feel isolated or thrive in a sense of community.

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