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Children Studying Alphabet

Fortitude Children’s Therapy services


Child Model

Individual Therapy

Children may struggle to express their emotions, thoughts, and traumatic experiences to parents or loved ones.  A therapist can create an environment of safety, security, and comfort that allows the child to express and be honest about internal struggles that may be expressed towards you only as acting out behavior.  Individual therapy for your child allows the child to be themselves, express their thoughts and feelings, learn important coping skills, and gain valuable insight and perspective into themselves.

Family Therapy

Your child's difficulties have become concerning enough for you to be seeking therapy and support.  They may be showing it by acting out and aggressive behavior or you may see it as avoidance, ignoring, and hiding in their room.  As their parent, you have an impactful and irreplaceable role in their life.  Therefore, family therapy is a valuable and integral part of the therapeutic process to help your child meet their goals.  Together, the therapist, child, and parents can discuss concerns, conflicts, and difficult topics with the guidance and insight provided by the therapist.

Father and Children
Happy Children

Group Therapy

Many times, children feel like they may be the only one who struggles with depression, grief, anxiety, social skills, etc.  Sometimes listening, engaging, and learning in a group setting creates less guilt, loneliness, and feeling of rejection knowing that others their age are facing similar experiences.  In group therapy, a therapist can address the group, but also the child individually foster opportunities for growth.  The therapist will lead the group, engage the children in interesting and fun ways, and instead of growing alone they are able to growth in community.

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